Yamborghini High, Lambo By The Crib;

    Hey y'all! Welcome to Kerosene! Thanks to Lainaa<3, we finally have a new layout (Featuring Tyler, The Creator)! I was getting sick and tired of my old one, so thank you for making me this bomb layout! You da best, ilysm! As of right now on Kerosene (May 30, 2016), I have a total of 700 avatars! There is more to come soon, so keep checking back, dolls! Lately I have been listening to rap nonstop, which is different but not. I keep going into genre phases. This explains the quote above (Yamborghini High by A$AP Mob), and as always I love my baby A$AP Rocky, so enjoy a new gif of him below! As always, I hope you enjoy your visit to kerosene at glittersweet dot net! :) Xoxoxo, Breanna ♥

Welcome to Kerosene!

    Greetings, dolls, and welcome to Kerosene! This site is owned by Breanna and was opened April, 30, 2016! This site is primarily used to provide you all with avatars for your profiles! However, I may eventually post some more content for you all. I hope you all enjoy the content I make for you guys. I really wanted this little paragraph to be a certain length, otherwise it looks funny. So if you're reading this, what's good? How's your day going? Blah blah blah... you're still reading this? Oh. Well I hope you enjoy your stay on kerosene at glittersweet dot net! Xoxoxo, Breanna ♥